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su casa spa body care

Research shows that skin on your body, just like the skin of your face needs attention too. Neglected, it can show signs of aging and dullness – which is why a spa visit should be part of an ongoing routine for healthy, re-energized skin. We say: professional body care treatments should be just as important as your daily skin care regimen.

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Body Care Treatments

  • Body Exfoliation   $50 - $145

    $110   Salt Glow

    Your choice of warm mineral salt is used to gently exfoliate dry patches skin. The scrubs help remove dead skin cells and soften the skin. This product will be gently removed with hot towels that are Soaked in beautiful essential oils. Finished with an application of a beautiful body lotion leaving your body silky smooth and completely renewed.

    $165   Decadent Deluxe Salt Glow

    This invigorating sea salt scrub cleanses and exfoliates your skin. Salts are gently removed with hot towels that are soaked in beautiful essential oils. Finished with a relaxing 45 minute body massage.
    After this treatment your skin feels restored and radiant. It will improve circulation, boost the absorption of treatment products, remineralizes the skin, which will reveal fresh glowing toned skin, and feeling exceptionally soft. Not to mention you will be extremely relaxed.

    $145   Clarifying Back Facial

    A treatment for one of the most neglected areas of the body. Starts with a thorough cleanse, followed by exfoliation, extractions and purification to effectively treat acne. Also includes a relaxing massage. (60 minutes)

  • Massage   $60 - $180

    $78 - $98   🦋 Su Casa Signature Swedish Massage

    Begins with your choice of aromatherapy, Swedish massage techniques will help you relax and relieve muscle tension while improving your overall circulation.
    This massage treatment releases tension held in every part of the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged. Stresses and strains dissolve away.
    $78 – 45 min
    $98 – 60 min
    $130 – 90 min

    $135-$155   Hot Stone Massage

    Massage using heated basalt stones delivers soothing heat deep into the muscles to relieve tension, increase circulation, and warm the spirits.

    1h $135

    75 Min $155

    $99   Pregnancy Massage

    A wonderful way to heal and ease the discomforts experienced during and after your pregnancy. Relieves fatigue, improves circulation. Benefits the well-being of mother and baby. 1 hour. Must be past the first trimester.

    $60 - $180   RMT Massage

    Registered Massage Therapy with Hailee Corbett RMT focuses on myofascial release, trigger point therapy, swedish muscular stripping techniques, active and passive stretching, therapeutic exercise and joint mobilizations. Clinical time includes: history, assessment, evaluation, treatment, and patient education. 24 hour notice is required for all cancelled appointments or full price will apply.

    $70 – 30 min
    $95 – 45 min
    $130 – 60 min
    $195 – 90 min

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